When shopping for mattresses, you’re faced with the task of sorting through dozens of mattresses, many with multiple manufacturers. In order to make your selection the best for your particular needs, you need to contact us at Furniture To Go for all your furniture needs. Here at Furniture To Go we evaluate the top-rated boxed mattresses, basing your decision on both subjective and scientific tests to figure out which ones provide the best combination of support and comfort.

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We divide mattresses into two categories: queen size and king size. Most people pick one of these, and so it’s perfectly acceptable to choose a mattress in one of these sizes. In my experience, however, a queen-size mattress tends to be more supportive than a king-size, giving a more comfortable sleep. Some professional mattress reviewers dissect mattresses and slice them in different ways, using a microscope to examine the various materials and springs inside.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable mattress that supports your body and supports your back, or you want to make sure you get the right mattress for your finances (and a comfortable one that won’t let you awake in the morning), our recommended options should get you started in the right direction. And remember, the right mattress isn’t necessarily the most expensive model.